Technical Roles

System Design Engineer Mechanical Electrical Software

Desin Engineer

Take direct responsibility (delegating to more junior members of the team when appropriate) for all aspects of a project design cycle. E.g. from development of concept/ identification of need; to the design and testing of solutions, right through to the commissioning or sign-off as appropriate. Work with areas of Engineering change and modifications to existing systems where appropriate.

Presently working on two major design projects 

Test Validate Measure Catagorise system test test to destruction accelerated life test

Test and Validation

The measure of any design. Test and validate to customer requirments.

Testing can be as simple as a measurement of outut or more complex involving measurables of the systems interacion within a process.

Technical Report Writing Word Excel Visio office conclusions and reccomendations

Techical Report Writing

The sumation of what has been done and more importantly learnt. It gives an understanding of what has been scrutinised and why. It conveys the design reccomendations based upon conclusion gathered and serves as a record to ensure that the work it learnt from and availiable for oters to reference

Although sometimes time consuming writing a good report is an important trait.. Useually in word format but commonly as a presentation.

Prototype build phases assembly manufacture hands on

Hands-On production of prototypes

From SLS 3D Printed space models to 1st off tooling it is important to have hands control from the cradle to grave.
The example of the control facia above was first produced in SLS nylon, later CNC machined ffrm solid in so as to mactch the finished part for a photo shot and then finally assembled using 1st off components from a multi cavity tool